ALIEN DISKO II – A festival curated by The Notwist, December 15 & 16 @Kammerspiele Munich / Germany

Dear all!

Late last year, in December 2016, the inaugural “Alien Disko” Festival went down in Munich. Initiated by brothers Markus and Micha Acher, co-founders of Bavarian indie heavyweights The Notwist (originally from Weilheim), the idea was simply to breathe some new life into the city’s slow concert scene by hosting – in cooperation with Münchner Kammerspiele – a unique one-off event. Although Munich has seen the rise of a young, vibrant and steadily growing musical scene in recent years, many international acts and musicians still don’t add the biggest conurbation in southern Germany to their touring itineraries, because local promoters face too many financial risks.

Originally conceived as a one-off event, 2016’s “Alien Disko” turned out such a stunning success, both critically and commercially, that all parties involved have decided to continue with a second edition – and who knows, maybe this is the beginning of a new annual music event in Munich? Scheduled for December 15 & 16, the event will once again take place at all three venues of the Kammerspiele, boasting a line-up that’s exclusively comprised of The Notwist’s friends and personal favorites: musicians they met on tour, discovered online or fell in love with while digging the crates at one of their trusted record dealers.

As before, one factor remains crucial for the selection: the willingness to experiment. Accordingly, the entire festival is about soundscapes beyond genre, about charting new sonic territory. It’s a two-day meeting of artists that break the mold by creating new contexts, new interconnections between musical realms. Showcasing artists from all over the world, Alien Disko #2 will be an intentionally polymorphous celebration of music: two nights of sonic exploration without geographical or cultural frontiers. Seeing the current, universal swing to the right, the massive upswing of populist parties in various nations around the globe, together with a dramatic rise of racist exclusion and violence, events like this new installment of Alien Disko are more important than ever.


Alien Disko II is presented by Zündfunk & Musikexpress. With support of Musikfond.

Line-up (for now):

Dezember 15:

  • Shabazz Palaces
  • Amiina
  • Ms. John Soda
  • Hinosch
  • Sculpture
  • Sauna Youth

Dezember 16:

  • Konono N°1
  • The Notwist
  • Vanishing Twin
  • Sam Amidon
  • Colleen
  • Spirit Fest

More shows to be announced.


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