What started out in 2000 as a group of friends who’d meet for drinks (and for sharing the occasional poem), has long established itself as a shape-shifting key player of Seoul’s thriving scene: With a huge amount of both commercial and non-commercial projects under their collective belt,’s members –TaeSang Cho, Yu Hur, Jowall, YunYi Yi, and SuhnJoo YI – went from publishing to recording, from releasing tunes to doing art shows, offering everything from branding to consulting and art direction, from naming and design to software development along the way. Although their list of clients includes Atelier Hermès and the Venice Biennale (they did the Korean Pavilion twice), the group still remains a drinking circle of close friends at its core: Buddies who love to create music and document their daily lives via recordings and performances… indeed: Sometimes all it takes is the right crew.