Atsuko Hatano & Midori Hirano: “Water Ladder”

Following their recent solo releases “Soniscope” (Dauw) and “Cells #5” (Important Records), Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Midori Hirano and Tokyo based string experimentalist Atsuko Hatano have teamed up for their first collaborative full-length: Water Ladder!
An intense, multilayered continuation of earlier collaborations (Atsuko was featured on Midori’s debut LP back in 2006), the foundation for this new collaborative album was laid when they shared stages in Berlin (Ausland) and Japan in 2019.
Working remotely at first, they later recorded parts of the album in Nara’s sonihouse (using omnidirectional polyhedral speakers). Water Ladder is out now and you can order it in our shop or stream it via this link: