Fehler Kuti: New Single – Professional People – Out Now

Fehler Kuti says:
“Allow me to dampen your expectations.
This is not the sound of decolonisation.
This is no compilation of BLM protest songs.
This is no celebration of Black emancipatory struggles.
You will not be able to play this at your hip post-pandemic house party.
This will not go down well with your woke friends.
This is music for the square in the room.
This is music for gated communities.
This is Fehler Kuti singing of class relations, not of identities and positionalities.
This is Fehler Kuti resisting.”
Pre order the album on 2 Lp here: https://linktr.ee/fehlerkuti
Check out the Video: https://youtu.be/Y7tIlLUNbKQ