“Henry and the Ghost” is a songbook with 21 instrumental pieces composed by Micha Acher for Tied & Tickled Trio, Ms John Soda, Brookland Suite, Alien Ensemble, G.Rag und die  Landlergschwister and Maxi Pongratz & Verstärkung. Arranges of the pieces are done for up to 4 voices in violin and bass clef. The cover is beautifully screen printed by Senor Burns, THANK YOU !!!


Songs included:

Aelita — TTTrio

ARC —  Alien Ensemble

Henry & the Ghosts —  TTTrio

Raumschiff Flugfarad  — Maxi Pongratz & Verstärkung

Radiofour —  Alien Ensemble

All tomorrows past Part I —   Brookland Suite

All tomorrows past Part II — Brookland Suite

All tomorrows past Part III — Brookland Suite

Interlude — Brookland Suite

The long tomorrow — TTTrio

16 — Maxi Pongratz & Verstärkung

Three doors Part II — TTTrio


Johanna — G.Rag und die Landlergschwister

When Hamlet left Town — Alien Ensemble

Space Minor — Alien Ensemble

The Prayer — G.Rag und die Landlergschwister

Solid Ground — Ms John Soda

Loop D — Alien Ensemble

34E — TTTrio

Modest Farewell — Alien Ensemble