1 The channel is not your friend
2 It’s cold, you’ll shiver
3 Don’t swallow the seawater
4 Try to get the extra-centimeter out of every stroke
5 Rhythm reduces effort
6 Put one hand in front of the other until you grab the sand
7 Think about anything and everything but not about how much longer
8 The water is never what you expect.
9 Never give in to drowning
10 Even if you are perfect, there’s no guarantee

The documentary-moviemaker Jörg Adolph and his cameraman Luigi Falorni are telling the story of the mystic 33 kilometres from Dover (UK) to Calais (France). The Mount Everest for long distance swimmers.

PAL, Region Code 2
Language English/German
Subtitles English/German


PLEASE NOTICE: This DVD is on PAL and won`t run on NTSC TVs. If you have a NTSC TV you can watch it on your computer/notebook only!