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Precision work, Ecstasy: “The Notwist” and the 20-piece “Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra”. A Tour Documentary. Housed in a 60 pages full color, hardcover photo-book (19,0 x 13,50 cm, landscape format)! PAL Version! Limited to 2000 copies!

Let there be sound! Jörg Adolph’s playful On-the-road documentary follows the face-off of two bands that are both quite fond of experimentation. Noisecore, Minimal Elektro, Freejazz, anything goes. The Notwist and the Andremoda Mega Express Orchestra ignore genre boundaries as they hop from style to style, channeling their way through polymorphic soundscapes, wild and beautiful.
From the recording of Notwist’s “The Devil, You + Me” album, via collective rehearsals in Berlin, to concerts in Hamburg, Amsterdam and Munich: these kindred spirits always try to improve, try to refine the patterns and arrangements. It seems as if the musicians’ main concern is to keep the songs in constant motion – Music Not Music. And the film reflects the sounds it documents: a rough and ready virtuosity, full of ease and focused dedication at the same time. It is about the awareness of young musicians far away from the lights of multi-platform stardom. And it documents of the end of the first decade of the new millenium. “There is no escape from this circling place.”

Director: Jörg Adolph
Producer: Jörg Adolph, Forian Steinleitner
Author: Jörg Adolph
Camera: Jörg Adolph, Josef Mayerhofer, Daniel Schönauer, Gereon Wetzel, Martin Schulze, Martin Gretschmann
Sound: Martin Schulze
Cut: Jörg Adolph
Music: The Notwist, Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra

Movie / DVD Informations:
Lenght Movie: 85min
Lenght Bonusmaterial: 21.5min
Productionyear:: 2009
DVD-Reginonal Code: 0
Pictureformat: 4:3 Letterbox
Soundformat: Stereo
Language: german, english
UT: english