Zayaendo Music



Zayaendo is a Tokyo-based brassband, colorful, unique and adventurous…you won’t find any of the typical brass-bands-cliches here, nor are they a free-unit of improvisors…they nothing less then invited their own genre…Zayaendo Music !

Zayaendo was formed in 2016 by Saya (Tenniscoats, Spirit Fest) and Satomi Endo (Biobiopatata) after Saya was inspired by a performance of the acoustic instrumental band Hochzeitskapelle, who she saw in Munich.
The band also includes Tomoaki Saito, Masaharu Seki (sekifu), Takashi Ueno (Tenniscoats), Kiyokazu Onozaki (Andersens, 2B) and other musicians who play with other bands or as solo artists. Zayaendo consists of somewhere between ten and twenty musicians (depending on who is available to play at that time) and forms an orchestra that plays each other’s compositions as well as covers of experimental timeless masterpieces. Since the band play acoustic instruments, their performance venues vary from the street to the forest.

In 2018, the band played at the Alien Disko Festival #3 with their beloved Hochzeitskapelle, where together they took part in a parade through the streets of Munich to celebrate and ring in the festival. In 2019, their first album Zayaendo music was released on the majikick label, and now, as vinyl, by Alien Transistor, Munich.

Zayaendo are:
Satomi Endo (s-sax), Ryoko Kajiwara (fl), Ken Manabe (t-sax), Masaharu Seki (eupho), Kiriko Kasamatsu (trb), Yutaka Hirose (tuba), Takashi Ueno (banjo), Tomoaki Saito (mandolin), Mitsuru Tanaka (perc), Shintaro Kiyonari (perc), Haruhiko Seki(perc),Saya (perc)